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Aletheia - Truth, state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.


Aletheia Entertainment first formed in late 2015, but didn't fully enter the picture until late 2018. Home to a diverse set of genres and themes. Our focus is to bring entertaining manga and graphic novels and soon to be animated projects.


Home to the Anomaly Universe, a world just like ours with a few deviations houses hit characters like Demon Hunter Raven and Sparrow the Mighty. 


With a growing catalog of titles we aim to produce original stories, epic action stories and dramas that draw you in. 


But most importantly we aim to be different, to follow our own path. We aim to deviate from the standard, so we encourage you to follow along with our journey as we produce content to engage and invoke feelings and passion. 


Thanks for joining in with us, we couldn't be were we are now without you!