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For centuries the turtle kingdom has lived in peace, but all that changes when a barbaric nation lays siege to their nation capturing every one and putting them into captivity.

Its up to one lone survivor, Timid to save his fellow brothers and sisters as he meets new friends and encounters weird foes across the fantasy landscape.

Follow the exciting adventure of Timid and his odd group of heroes, as they set out to reclaim their lost kingdom and take on the forces of darkness that threaten them all.

Based on the Old Testament story, the battle between the God of Israel and the idol god Baal. One man steps forward to correct Gods people from their wicked ways, through a journey of supernatural faith and provision.

Elijah finds himself in one of the hardest situations he has had to face. Can Elijah follow Gods commands and bring justice back to Israel?


54 pages

Intro and after thoughts by Pastor Arvid Moin

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